Thursday, 9 August 2012

Signal shines as Eazi telecom prepare for launch

Anyone who has looked through the list of available mobile networks showing on their phone in Gibraltar can not help to have noticed the appearance of a new network called "26609".

This is the signal for the new "Shine" mobile network from Eazi Telecom who have a telecomunications licence from the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (

The '26609' number comes from the combination of the "266" MCC - Mobile Country Code allocated to Gibraltar, as defined in ITU E.212, and "09" their Mobile Network Code to identify them as a specific network within the country.

They join GIBTEL [26601] the mobile network from Gibtelecom, and CTS [26606].

The other neworks listed are stray 'overspill' signals coming from the masts of Spanish networks across the border in Spain.

The original Eazi Telecom website can be found at but their new public facing website under the Shine brand is beginging to get populated at

There is something interesting regarding domain names here, which we might return to in a day or two...


Anonymous said...

So is it 26609 or 22069?

Gibraltar Blogger said...

It is 266, as per the picture. The single instance of 226 was a typo, it has been corrected, thanks for pointing it out.

226 is the MCC for Romania! Were you searching for that? Probably get even more Romania mobile tech hits for that now the country name has been said as well...